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November 05, 2007


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David Bown, Sales & Marketing Director Finesse Windows.

I am really enjoying reading this debate, and look forward to hearing others comment to the statements being made by such learned and indeed senior individuals.

Two very important comments I would like to make which relates to the size of the market and how we now sell compared to how we sold 10 – 15 years ago.

Size of the market – New build is primarily driven by demand and legislation to a large degree dictates what product is specified. Domestic has the trade side one man band type business which is driven mainly by referrals, and then there is the big wide world of direct sell.
Questions for debate:
• How big is this market if you measure the difference between passive and proactive enquiries?
• How different is the sales process between companies who apply themselves to large lead generation and so have a large marketing spend to balance in their structure,compared to the companies who achieve the majority of their business passively through show site, press and referrals.

Selling to the customers who had windows 10 years ago, at the coal face, a term being used in this debate, there is a lot of difference between what is available now to what was installed 10 years ago.
• Better extrusion 5 chamber system instead of 3 and a better mix in the compound for colour stability (look in our skip and see all those creamy, grimy, discoloured units).
• Full steel reinforcement.
• Internal beading.
• Vastly improved security, mutli point and better locks (Police Secure by Design).
• Better double glazing, more efficient through warm edge technology, bigger air gap and low e glass.
• BFRC energy rating efficiency – Energy Savings Trust
• Insurance backed guarantees.

I could list a lot more, however, the point is the products that can now be made available are a better investment even if the customers has the old fashion type of PVCu windows and doors. O.K. spoken like a salesman but that’s who gets the orders isn’t it!

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